Ergotron Workfit-S Sit Stand Workstations

We are committed to making ergonomics affordable for computer users everywhere, helping to make lives healthier and more productive, Ergotron's WorkFit line consists of easy to install and affordable desk add-ons, freestanding desks and mobile carts. The broad portfolio ensures that every workspace has the most functional and ergonomic solution for comfortable computing, whether outfitting a main office, back office, lab or warehouse area. Ergotron products adapt technology to the physical needs of each individual. This creates a work environment that promotes wellness while improving productivity.

Productivity gains through ergonomics:

Ergonomics research over the past 20 years has consistently shown that workstations adjusted to fit the user can result in an 18% productivity increase whether one uses a single- or multi-display configuration. The need for ergonomically adjustable components becomes even more pronounced when several people share a space. To maximize productivity, ergonomics should be part of the equation.

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