Memory Foam Car and Travel Wedges

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Research shows that long hours of sitting can do more damage than active work. When sitting, especially when travelling, the back is put into a stressed position for a prolonged period of time.
Bambach Travel Wedges are purpose-designed to relieve back pain caused by sitting in car seats and seats found on other forms of transport.

How it works:
Using ONE Bambach Travel Wedge (under your posterior) will lift the hips above the knees and out of the 'pocket' that is usually present in conventional seating (a pocket lowers the hips and puts the pelvis into backward rotations, thus collapsing your spinal curves).
By using a SECOND wedge (behind your back) to tilt the pelvis forward into its upright, neutral position and providing support.

In sets of 2
Small and Large sizes

Black (removable) Wool Cover
Memory foam interior
Australian made

This product is proudly Australian made.
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