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Ergonomic Workshops


"It is a passion of ours that we assist end-users to ultimately establish an 'optimum working environment', and operate at their workstation or desk for an extended period of time whilst being seated in a manner which will prevent musculoskeletal injury from occurring."

Nepean Office Furniture as an accredited ISOP company our focus is to prevent 'non-accidental' injury, where pain arises as a result of normal activities and requirements of the task.


Nepean Office Furniture located in Penrith has been in business since 1987. Our showroom features a large dedicated area to Ergonomic Solutions and Sit Stand Desks. Gary Martin form  Therapod and Mark Hawkins Ergonomic Sales, shall discuss the important elements which contribute towards creating an optimum working environment with sit stand solutions as well as highlighting current seating trends.

Why Therapod?

The Therapod posture support chairs are made in Australia developed locally by healthcare and engineering specialist, the Therapod seating system is the only GST Free office Seating brand in Australia certified by the Australian Government as medical aid / appliance. Therapod has been at the forefront of seating technologies for over twenty years. In that time we have developed our Healthcare Range of chairs and Intensive and Bariatric Seating offering technology such as VTeq and comfort plus ergonomic seat cushions. In 2013 we have released Gel Teq cushion the next generation in seating technology. In this era of health conscious living, your body deserves the best back support solution available; to hear more about the Therapod Seating and the Sit Stand Solutions, please join us on the 18th March 2014

Gary Martin TSS Group

Ergonomic Workshops 2013

Nepean Office Furniture  ergonomic workshops are held twice a year including demonstrations on the latest chair technologies, height adjustable tables and ergonomic accessories including microdesk designed by physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney . These in services are very informative teaching the latest on ergonomics.  

Sarah Mahoney is an Auckland based physiotherapist with over 30 years' experience dealing with musculoskeletal disorders resulting from poor workplace postures and practices. Sarah founded The Good Use Company in 1996 with the aim of educating workers and preventing many of the MSD's she was repeatedly treating. Sarah's seminars proved to be highly beneficial and her services were sought after by New Zealand's largest private and public entities.

During this time Sarah also started to develop her own unique products aimed at the prevention of such injuries. One product, the Microdesk, has now sold over 100,000 units and is recommended in 12 countries throughout the world. Sarah believes passionately that people need to think about HOW they do their job and not just WHAT they are doing, and her blend of Occupational Health Physiotherapy has helped thousands of office workers worldwide become pain free at their desk.

To hear more about Sarah's approach to Occ. Health Physio, the Microdesk and the Good Use story, please join us on the 18th March 2013

Physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney


Guest Speaker Aimi Carmichael Physiotherapist Business Development Manager for Bambach Saddle Seats

The idea for the Bambach Saddle Seat came to occupational therapist and horsewoman Mary Gale in treating patients who could not sit unsupported on an ordinary seat or wheelchair. Mary found that the same patients could balance quite independently on horseback and assume a symmetrical position.

It occurred to Mary that if she could replicate the saddle position, where the spine is able to assume its natural curves, she would create an ideal seat for therapy as well as for task seating. A review of literature showed work done by Dr A. C. Mandel, who noted that the ideal sitting posture for the human spine is achieved on horseback. Other researchers also concluded that ordinary furniture removes the natural curves from the spine and places great stress on the spinal discs. Anecdotal reports from horse riders who suffered severe back pain on the ground, yet who gained marked relief when mounted in the saddle, were also noted.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is born.

Aimi Carmichael



Nepean Office Furniture in conjunction with Therapod Seating Solutions are pleased to invite you to our forthcoming Ergonomic 'Workshop Aingela Prokop (B. Occ Therapy) will be conducting two seminars on Thursday March 25th at our Robertson Place Showroom. Aingela shall be discussing the important elements which contribute towards creating an Optimum Working Environment, as well as highlighting current seating trends.