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Office Ergonomic Resources

Ergonomics Tips:

Correct placement of a monitor and keyboard can reduce eye, arm, shoulder and neck fatigue. Follow these tips whenever working at a computer workstation.

Monitor and Keyboard Placement:

Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. Your eyes should look slightly downward when viewing the middle of the screen.Position the monitor no closer than 20 inches (508 mm) from your eyes. A good rule of thumb is an arm's length distance. The larger your screen, the more distance you will want.

Adjust the screen position to eliminate glare from windows and ceiling lights. If lighting conditions permit, tilt the monitor back 10 degrees to 20 degrees: this maintains the same distance between your eyes and the screen as you scan it from top to bottom.

Exception: If using bifocals, lower the monitor below eye level and turn screen upward, tilting it back 30 degrees to 45 degrees.The center-line of the keyboard should be level with the height of your elbow.Tilt the keyboard back 10 degrees so that your wrists remain flat.

Proper Screen Distance


Why Electric Height Adjustable Work Surfaces Make For Good Business.   Cornell University's Human Factors and Ergonomic Research Laboratory carefully studied the role that electrical height adjustable desk play in musculoskeletal discomfort and productivity in the work environment. According to this and other cited studies: Results show significant decreases in the severity of musculoskeletal discomfort for most upper body regions. Alternating between sitting and standing at work benefits health and productivity. There is significantly less spinal shrinkage for office workers who stand for portions of the day.

Body part discomfort decreases an average of 62 percent and the occurrence of injuries and illnesses decrease by more than half.Workers take shorter and fewer breaks when using sit to stand desks. Adjustable desks allow companies to easily fit the workspace to people of different heights and body types as well and those with disabilities and back problems.Electrical height adjustable surfaces are beneficial for hoteling, which is the practice of providing office space to employees on an as-needed basis. This reduces the amount of physical space that an enterprise needs, lowering overhead cost while ensuring that every worker can access office resources when necessary.

Employers investing in electric sit-stand desks are realizing great advantages. Employees that are happier, healthier and more productive translates into cost savings and an improved working environment. A team of scientists at the University of Missouri found that the enzymes that are responsible for burning fat just shut down when we sit. Standing up while working helps to reduce weight. A lternating between sitting and standing posture at work benefits health and productivity. 

The Adjustable Office:

Traditional office environments have a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We're redefining the 21st century work space with an emphasis on health, productivity and affordability. See the difference it can make for your employees and the boost it will bring to your bottom line.


Standing Up for Wellness in the Workplace:

We sit way too much at computers,in meetings, watching TV. All this sitting is taking a toll on us in terms of body pain and stiffness. And on a more serious level, it impacts our metabolism, restricts blood flow, compromises blood sugar and good cholesterol levels. Researchers refer to it as 'Sitting Disease,' suggesting it can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and earlier mortality rates. So how do you reduce sitting time without disrupting workflow? Start by simply standing more, changing the relationship you have with whichever chair is keeping you sedentary.

Our 2013 Just Stand Index revealed only 7% of those surveyed were even aware of Sitting Disease, and 48% who felt they were at risk for it. Postural rotation is the plan the act of switching between a seated and standing position throughout your day. There are significant health benefits to standing more, like ramping up metabolic rates, caloric burn and blood flow, while stimulating focus, energy and productivity. This ebook will guide you through the reasoning behind the sit-stand wellness uprising, highlighting the core issues, research findings, available resources and more. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself, then help us spread the word.

Stand Up Australia PDF

Why is an Ergonomic Chair Important?

An Ergonomic chair is a tool to provide support for your body while you work. It is the variety of body shapes and sizes, along with the different tasks and working situations that brings the need for a chair that you can customise.

We understand that there are many different requirements for ergonomic chairs, not only do ergonomic opinions vary, the people, the tasks and the workplace all contribute to the complexity of finding the correct support for each individual.