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Coloured Metal Cabinets

Coloured Metal Cabinets(Image 1)

Product Overview

Ideal storage or stationery cabinet.

Fully assembled.
Reinforced double hinged doors.
Flush fitting handle.
Includes base shelf and three adjustable shelves.

Three point locking.
Key operated or provision for padlock.

Adjustable Shelves.
Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelves.
Polycarbonate Shelf Dividers.
Sloping Top Hood.
Lifetime Warranty.

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Colour Selection

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DV Lemon Yellow (Gloss)
DV Safety Yellow (Gloss)
DV Orange X15 (Gloss)
DV Signal Red (Gloss)
DV Flame Red (Gloss)
DV Blaze Blue (Gloss)
DV Dark Violet (Gloss)
DV Mistletoe (Gloss)
DV Oyster (Matt)
DV Anotec XT Silver Grey (Matt)
DV APO Grey (Satin)
DV Light Grey (Gloss)
DV Notre Dame (Gloss)
DV Charcoal (Satin)
DV Black (Satin)
DV Black (Matt)
DV Doeskin (Satin)
DV Conola Cream (Gloss)
DV Magnolia (Gloss)
DV Rivergum Biege (Gloss)
DV Wedgewood (Satin)
DV Pommel Blue (Gloss)
DV Navy (Gloss)
DV White (Satin)
DV Pearl White (Gloss)
DV Anotec Off White (Matt)
DV Off White (Satin)
DV White Birch (Gloss)
DV Citi Pearl (Matt)
DV Silver Kinetic Pearl (Satin)
DV Nickel Pearl (Matt)
DV Metropolis Storm Pearl (Satin)
DV Gunmetal Kinetic Pearl (Satin)
DV Light Grey (Gloss)
DV APO Grey (Gloss)
DV Notre Dame (Gloss)
DV Storm Grey (Gloss)
DV Stone Beige (Gloss)
DV White (Gloss)
DV Black (Gloss)
DV Aztec Silver (Gloss)
DV Graphite (Matt)
DV Black (Matt)
DV White (Matt)
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