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Gymba Active Board

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Product Overview

Gymba Active Board, designed and manufactured in Finland after extensive research, offers a new, healthier work experience, with the opportunity to work, stand and move at the same time.

Why Gymba
Prolonged sitting is not good for our metabolism. It increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, cardiovascular diseases, selected cancers and premature death. Already breaking up sitting (e.g. every 30, 40 or 60 mins) is good for health. GYMBA provides an easy option to break up sitting.
Standing on a hard floor may easily cause pain in feet and lower extremities preventing us from standing. GYMBA provides a platform that is easier, smoother and more comfortable to stand on, making standing a more tempting option.
While sitting our energy consumption is close to the resting metabolic state (1-1.5 METs). Standing up is already more energy consuming (with 25-50%), and by using GYMBA one can potentially increase energy consumption even more, and for longer periods.
Constant and prolonged standing is not good for our physiology either, as it may reduce venous blood flow from the lower extremities, increasing the risk of varicose veins, oedema and thrombosis. GYMBA, by allowing natural movements in lower extremities while standing improves the muscular pump action and venous blood flow

How To Use
When working at a standing desk, place Gymba under your feet and continue to work as normal. The board helps you to maintain a correct posture while standing without tiring out your back and feet. To achieve the optimum benefit, utilize the flexibility of Gymba to move your feet back and forth as well as side to side.

Width: 465 mm
Depth: 305 mm
Height: 55 mm
Construction: Natural Fibre Composite
Weight: 1.5 kg
Maximum Weight: Tested to 300Kg
Warranty: 5 years structural

Gymba Active Board

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