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Product Overview

The benefits of using The Good Use Microdesk are that it Stops aches and pains caused from twisting when writing to the side of the keyboard.
Centres paper work in line above the rear of the keyboard. Makes a stable, adjustable work surface excellent for writing and reading with computer work.
Allows access to the keyboard at all times.
Comes with a non slip ruler / guideline with all models.
Comes with paper ledges in two height sizes.

For standard single-surface desks.
Surface 560 mm wide x 310 mm deep (22"W x 12"D).
Front height adjusts from 75 mm to 95 mm
Rear height adjusts from 150 mm to 190 mm
Weight - 1.52 Kg (3 lbs 6 oz) in carton
Paper ledge supplied in two heights: 20mm (3/4") and 8mm (1/4")

Microdesk Assembly & Usage

Regular Microdesk


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