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CW2000 Fundamentals Footrest

CW2000 Fundamentals Footrest(Image 1)
CW2000 Fundamentals Footrest(Image 2)
CW2000 Fundamentals Footrest(Image 3)

Product Overview

A versatile design which provides easy adjustment for people of different heights. The footrest height is adjusted by adding or removing spacer blocks (3 sets supplied).

Spacer Blocks
Height of basic unit with one set of blocks is 36 mm at front & 105 mm at rear. Each additional set of blocks adds 17.5 mm to the height. Additional sets of spacer blocks available separately.

Height adjustable using a system of spacer blocks (3 sets of spacer blocks supplied)
Carpeted Platform
Angled to 12.5 degrees to promote comfort and correct posture
Robust Construction
Anti slip rubber feet
Max. height: Determined by number of spacer blocks added.
Colour: Grey with charcoal carpet.
Anti-static carpet covering.
Light weight for easy movement and storage
12 month guarantee
Platform size: 460mm x 310mm
Platform angle: 12.5 degrees
Platform Height: Lowest height 36mm at front, 106mm at rear
Australian made.

NOTES: *Each additional set of spacer blocks adds 17.5mm to the height

CW2000 Fundamentals Footrest

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