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Ergonomic Chairs

When you spend a third of each day at work, the selection of an ergonomically comfortable office chair should be top priority. The human body was not designed to sit statically at a desk for over 6 hours a day and an increasing number of us are developing back problems, aches and pains, as well as muscle tension as a direct result of working long hours at a workstation that has not been properly setup to suit our individual needs.

Today we're more aware of the ergonomic design features of adjustable office chairs and realise there are indications that standing, sitting and semi standing positions all have their benefits but also have limitations.We've found that more often than not, people who purchase an ergonomic chair have never adjusted it to provide the maximum comfort simply because they've never been shown how.To ensure that users are familiar with the proper adjustments some basic educational support is recommended.

Nepean office furniture's trained staff can guide you through the functions of an ergonomic chair in our showroom which features a full range of adjustable ergonomic chairs and a complete range of ergonomic products to help find the right solution for you.