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Sit To Stand Desk

Using Sit to Stand Desk allow employees to take a break from their static seated postures without leaving their work area. Movement is part of the human experience and it should be encouraged in the workplace. The ability to move must be both accessible and sustainable to ensure desired outcomes. Sit Stand Desk Workstations are the ideal solution.

Ergonomists have long recognised the benefits of postural changes for many years now, and with this concept in mind, standing workstations are quickly becoming a must have option for workers everywhere. The Sit to Stand Workstation allows for sitting, standing, or a combination of both depending on the workers preference. With the option for sitting or standing, workers can quickly transfer from the sitting to the standing position throughout their shifts with minimal effort.

As more people recognise the benefits of standing, the demand for adjustable height desk has dramatically increased. What was once a scarce item to find is now an affordable option with new product innovations being introduced each year. Sit stand workstations have numerous benefits including improved health, increased productivity, increased flexibility, and affordable pricing.