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Host Folding Boardroom Tables

Host Folding Boardroom Tables(Image 1)
Host Folding Boardroom Tables(Image 2)
Host Folding Boardroom Tables(Image 3)
Host Folding Boardroom Tables(Image 4)
Host Folding Boardroom Tables(Image 5)

Product Overview

We offer you elegant functional frames in all sizes and styles in meeting and training tables. We will have the right solution for your needs. Remember
training rooms need elbow room as well as space to move around the room with ease.

Host Folding Boardroom Tables
One Table Size 1500mm Long x 750mm Deep
Height 725mm High
Host Flip Tables can be used in several combinations
Base Finish Black + Satiin Feet
Top Finish 46 Standard Colours
Warranty 5 Years
Australian Made to Order
Manufacturers Lead Times 15-20 Working Days

OPTIONAL Connectors to Join Tables

When ordering in a woodgrain with obvious grain pattern please note we cannot always match the grain direction when in certain combinations

Host Folding Boardroom Tables


Colour Selection

Choose your colours
DK Laminex - Select Beech
DK Laminex - Curly Birch
DK Laminex -Young Beech
DK Laminex Milano Walnut
DK Laminex Dansk Maple
DK Laminex Fossil
DK Laminex Burnished Wood
DK Laminex Juicy
DK Laminex Mandarin
DK Laminex Olympia Yellow
DK Laminex Pillarbox
DK Laminex Olympia Blue
DK Laminex - Polar White
DK Laminex - Seasoned Oak
DK Laminex -Milkwood
DK Laminex White 200
DK Laminex- Oyster Linea
DK Laminex -Oyster Grey
DK Laminex -Parchment
DK Laminex Sublime Teak
DK Laminex Lustrous Elm
DK Laminex Rural Oak
DK Laminex New Graphite
DK Laminex Zincworks
DK Polytec Maison Oak
DK Laminex Charcoal
DK Laminex Fox
DK Polytec Natural Oak
DK Polytec Black
DK Polytec Soft Walnut
DK Laminex Fox Teakwood
DK Laminex Classic Oak
DK Laminex Jarrah Legno
DK Polytec Nouveau Grey
DK Polytec Storm
DK Polytec Cinder
DK Laminex Black BirchPly
DK Laminex GreyStone
DK Laminex Aquamarine
DK Laminex Just Rose
DK Laminex Raw BirchPly
DK Laminex Lava Grey
DK Laminex Terril
DK Laminex Elegant Oak
DK Laminex Natural Walnut
DK Laminex -Silver Ash
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