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Folding Flip Tables - Mobile Tables

We have tables that fold, stack or nest and are lightweight and easy to manage - the legs are folded away for easy storage until the next time. Folding tables are one of the most useful items that any business can buy. For those businesses lacking in space, or those businesses that use their space for a multitude of different uses, foldable tables offer the much needed solution. These tables can be used for many functions and stored away with ease when they aren't needed. Many of our stacking tables and folding tables are manufactured in Australia.

At Nepean Office Furniture we offer: folding tables, foldable tables, stacking tables, catering tables, round tables, banqueting tables, trestle tables, lightweight tables and plastic tables. Folding tables normally come in the choices of circle, square and rectangle. In addition, they can be found in various sizes with square corners or rounded corners and are also available in many melamine colours and steel frames to ensure that they are extra sturdy.