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White Magnetic Large Round Board

White Magnetic Large Round Board(Image 1)

Product Overview

Magnetic Circle Boards
This product range offers exciting materials, shapes and colours with many options for storage as well as decoration. Especially developed in a simple Nordic style, all materials, surfaces and colours are selected with inspiration from nature. The boards are produced from natural materials, so the exactly identical colour and structure from board to board can’t be guaranteed.
These uniquely shaped design products can be mixed and matched in many possible combinations to fit any interior style.
A magnetic circle board, makes it possible to combine simple Nordic style and functionality. All the boards are magnetic, which allows you to attach various accessories onto the board with our super-strong magnets.
The glassboards also have a write-on/wipe-off function. You can write on the glass with a chalk marker or a regular whiteboard marker, and once the text has dried, you can easily wipe the board clean with a chalkboard eraser or a dry cloth.

Colour WHITE Only
Size 1000mm Diameter

White Magnetic Large Round Board

Code: VC/NCG-11125

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