Silhouette Bow Front Desk & Return

Silhouette Bow Front Desk & Return(Image 1)

Product Overview

Stylish floating top range in All 25 mm board and your choice of colours

25mm Top + Sides
Floating Top
Adjustable Chrome Feet
Cable Access Hole
1800w x 900 / 750d
2100w x 1050 / 900d
or you choose the size

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Colour Selection

Choose your colours
Formica South West Jarrah
Laminex - Select Beech
Laminex - Curly Birch
Formica Golden Beech
Laminex -Young Beech
Laminex Charcoal
Formica Seal Grey
Laminex Milano Walnut
Laminex Fossil
Laminex Burnished Wood
Laminex - Polar White
Laminex Silver Ash
Laminex- Black
Laminex - Seasoned Oak
Laminex White
Laminex - Alaskan
Laminex- Oyster Linea
Laminex -Parchment
Formica Ironstone
Laminex Sublime Teak
Laminex Lustrous Elm
Laminex Blackened Linewood
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